Emergence foundation candle


Get this multicolored candle to support the cause against Homophobia and Transphobia.

The Foundation’s mission is to educate, inform and raise awareness of the realities of gay, lesbians, bisexual and trans (LGBT). It aims to:

  • Combat homophobia, discrimination and prejudice; against LGBT people;
  • Ensuring legal and social equality for LGBT people;
  • Promote the inclusion of LGBT people in society, regardless of their origins;
  • Contribute to the welfare and growth of LGBT people and their families;
  • Contribute to the prevention of suicide among LGBT people;
  • Defend the rights of sexual minorities, including those of seniors;
  • Support the mission of Hear Gay;
  • Promote respect and equality among LGBT communities

In addition to representing a cause dear to your heart, this scented candle with colorful fruits will soothe you and permeate your home with softness and hope.

All our candles are manufactured in Quebec and are natural and ecological.

10% of sales of this candle will be donated to the foundation Emergence

The Flame of Hope is proud to support an important cause

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Large (1.1Kg), Small (600g)