Kelly Shires foundation candle



Get this pink candle hope to raise awareness against breast cancer.

Funding Kelly shires Breast Cancer Foundation of Canada, assists financial assistance to women (and men) financially who are dealing withwith breast cancer in need.

The Foundation can help by paying many expenses endured duringwhich may be caused by the treatment and recovery such as: costs relating to travel, accommodation, childcare, medical or home help, but also a part of ongoing charges (ie. rent, mortgage, groceries).

In addition to representing a cause dear to your heart, this scented candles aromas of to Bazooka gum will soothe you and permeate your home softness and hope.

All our candles are manufactured in Quebec and are natural and ecological.

10% from the of sales of this candle will be given to Kelly Shires foundation

The Flame of Hope is proud to support an important cause.

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Large (1.1Kg), Small (600g)