Custom candles color causes Eco Soy 100% certified Kosher oil & natural fragrance. Currently in vogue, natural soy wax is part of a new generation of unrefined ecological waxes from plant materials and 100% natural. It does not contain pesticides or herbicides, is completely biodegradable and does not give off toxic fumes.

Soy wax has a special quality: its low melting point allows a prolonged period of combustion and provides excellent distribution of natural fragrance oils purest.

When they are burned properly, they are very clean and burn evenly, leaving little waste.

Know that:

Natural fragrance oils keep better and can even directly serve as a warm massage oil candle

Soybeans produces less soot and smoke

Soy candles burn longer – up to 50% more than paraffin wax soy candles stains easily wash with soap and hot water

Easier for people with respiratory problems. Cultivated on national soil and supports the economy of our nation and farmers Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic clean combustion

Burns evenly with a steady flame To enhance the beneficial effects of our soy candles, we only use wicks unleaded “natural” base, 100% untreated cotton. 100% vegetable made of pure soy

Natural & Biodegradable certified Kosher Not tested on animals Does not contain any animal products

Contains no paraffin oil Contains no pesticides

The production meets the FDA Standard

We offer shaped candles because of ribbon with therapeutic aromas (with natural fragrances 100% pure) and decorative candles.

In addition, we manufacture custom candles in the color associated causes.

eco soya Le Soya et ses bienfaits