The Flame of Hope is proud to support several causes close to our heart .We want to make a difference , share the hope and help our neighbor. Man, woman or child, regardless of our nationality or religion . We are all human and with the hope we can move forward, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Together we can make a difference! For a healthy world , a world of peace and respect. A better world for the future of our children.

Illuminate the planet together with the Flame of Hope !

Canadian Cancer Society
Fondation Émergence
Farha Foundation
Amnesty International Canada
Mental Illness Foundation
Autisme Montréal
Canadian Cancer Society
fundation les Petits Rois
Marie-Vincent Foundation
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
Opération enfant Soleil
Cystic Fibrosis Quebec
Breakfast Club of Canada
Kelly Shires Foundation